Why study journalism?

The howling and moaning, the wailing and gnashing. It can’t have escaped your attention that journalism is having some issues: digital disruption, a business model that hasn’t adapted, fake news and flat-out lies dominating the public sphere. But at every turn, the appetite for truth is as strong as ever.

The need for an electorate to be informed is as crucial to the future of democracy as it has ever been. You need to study journalism. Everyone should. What could be more important than the next generation of truth seekers and story tellers casting a light into the dark places? Don’t let anyone tell you not to study this. Be proud of it, be the best at it you can be. It matters.

– Glynn Greensmith, Newsspeak Director

Why Newsspeak?

I didn’t really know what Newsspeak was but I went along to the meetings to see what it was all about. I had found my people. People who shared my passion and interests and could talk endlessly about journalism (or weird completely unrelated inappropriate things when we inevitably go off topic every 30 seconds) and our goals and dreams.

When we weren’t working on projects, we were at the pub drinking. Honestly those bastards are like a weird dysfunctional journalist family for me. There wasn’t a meeting I left having not learnt something new. It was like Glee except without the singing or any of the other story lines in Glee so not really like Glee at all actually.

– Dominique Bayens, ABC Radio



Industry professionals deliver engaging and informative sessions.


Meet new people and help escape the stresses of university.


Ample opportunities to practice your journalistic skills and produce impressive pieces for your portfolio.


Stuck on an idea? Need to talk through your thinking with someone? Want a fresh set of eyes to view your work?